In many countries there is a general increase of juvenile delinquency. Some people think that it is parents’ responsibility to deal with this, while others believe that school should make an effort. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


In this day and age, juvenile delinquency has become a headache for many countries. Faced with this issue, we can not help asking who should be responsible for dealing with it.

Some people believe that parents should shoulder the responsibility of educating their children and preventing them from committing crimes since it is their obligatory duty to do so as a parent. They hold the view that once parents give birth to a new life, they are accountable for not only nurturing, but also educating it. If they fail to do so, they fail to perform their duty as a parent. Moreover, parents are the closest people to a child. Therefore, they can affect children’s behaviors more easily and directly than schools do.

But others believe that the school should make an effort to tackle juvenile delinquency since it is the place to educate children.

They maintain that parents hold different values due to their unique experience and level of education, thus it will be more appropriate for schools to instill the right values to children and correct their wrong behaviors. Take children’s fight as an example, many parents wrongly believe that when their children are bullied, they should shake their fists and fight back. In this way, when children get used to resorting to force to solve problems, they are more likely to cause troubles and commit crimes.

As far as I am concerned, as parents exert the biggest impact on their children, they should play the leading role of educating their children by teaching them the right values and serving as a good example for their children. Moreover, schools should also play their part in educating students about what is right and what is wrong and preventing them from committing crimes.


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