Now people spend more money on young people educating, it has been the priority public money spend for many countries. Some people think educating adult is also very important and public money should be spent more on adult educating. To what extent you agree or disagree?


Adult education has been given far less public attention, compared with funding education for young people. While it is true that the government should invest more funds into this neglected sector. I believe other sources of fund are equally essential for strengthening the adult education.

It seems to me that increased investment on adult education benefits the well being of economy, society and individuals By undertaking professional training, mature job seekers would encounter fewer difficulties towards employment while their employers are equipped with new technical competitiveness, both of which leads us to an appreciable economic return. Furthermore, many middle-aged workers were forced to terminate their early studies due to lack of facilities or tuition fees, whereas in fact many of them are willing to return schools to acquire more useful knowledge. In short, adult education can compensate their many years of regrets.

It has been suggested that government should play a leading role in promoting adult education by appropriating more funds within budget and drawing more public attentions to this issue. On the other hand, considering the widespread economic slowdown,I believe that the cooperation and participation of responsible private companies to invest and to donate may be necessary for adult education programs. As for individuals, incentives should be given to those who are willing to provide any forms of assistance. It takes the collaborative efforts of many social organizations to raise money for improving our education system.

In conclusion, agree that the government should increase funding for adult education as it provides a significant contribution to our economy, society and well beings. Nevertheless, individuals and private sectors also have the obligations to provide assistance as to fulfill our social responsibility.


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