Some people believe that children should do organized activities in their free time while others believe that children should be free to do what they want to do in their free time. What is your opinion?


By encouraging school-age children to be engaged in doing organized activities, parents can reduce their screen time for television and the Internet along with computer games. Nowadays, it seems what many children want to do is spending long hours in front of the screen, so it is a practical idea to talk small couch potatoes and mouse potatoes into taking part in group events in their leisure time. For that matter, however, enough is enough because children should not be over-loaded with after-school programs.

A reasonable amount of cultural and physical activities can help children to have a balanced and healthy childhood, emotionally and physically. Suspending the screen fun for a while, children can benefit from participating in physical activities like playing balls and swimming and other sports, for a healthy body. Likewise, they can feel emotionally well through joining cultural activities, such as singing, dancing, painting, and drama. If play is the business of children outside the classroom, it certainly does them more good playing with peers than playing with the electronic machines. That is probably why the importance of running such programs is increasingly being recognized by parents as well as by the government which sponsors a variety of organized activities for free. Besides, parents are happy in keeping their children busy in a positive way.

However, children should not be over-scheduled and become confused outside of school hours. Just because there are advantages to involving your children to organized activities, it does not mean “more is better” or “busier is better”. Sometimes, all play and no work makes a confused boy or girl. For school children, there is routine coursework to do and they require time to do it. Therefore, excessive participation with extended hours outside home is likely to end up in children getting too exhausted to concentrate on homework. As a consequence, even parents would also feel extraordinarily tired if they need to drive children from place to place.

Whatever point of view, children need freedom in their free time, and should be free to do what they want to do, including the choice one or two organized activities, but excluding addiction to the screen. Too much leisure recreation would result in some disadvantages, such as missing the family meals or lack of sleep. All told, the benefits for children to get involved in group activities outweigh the drawbacks.


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