Which two subjects do you think important to be taught? And which one is the least important to learn? Literature, economy, sports, music, foreign languages, history, geography, philosophy,


Prioritizing courses should be considered with the two elements: career prospects and intellectual values. In my opinion, among all subjects provided, foreign language is the most important one to be taught while sports is of the least importance.

The significance of learning a foreign language includes its practical usage as well as its vast cultural backgrounds. A foreign language enables you to travel in certain countries without unnecessary miscommunication, to research on your interested subjects which are published mainly in a foreign language and to work with speakers of different languages so that you can get a promotion in the future. Besides,cultural backgrounds such as a region’s history, geography, anthropology and arts are subtly acquainted during the learning process. A better career prospect and the access to the knowledge itself are both offered by learning foreign languages.

Sports however, should be considered as a regular practice rather than a compulsory curriculum at school Even though sports help you stay in shape boost friendships and de-stress from tension, in China most PE teachers only grade everyone’s performance by uniform standards instead of encouraging students to participate. Moreover, each individual may have his or her own preferred sports activities and keeping them in one class does not meet the diverse need of students’ interests. Last but not least, most students seek professional guidance outside the school while our generalized schoolteachers often play the role of lifeguards.

In conclusion, it is most worthy learning a foreign language for it cultures us and creates many possibilities for our future life. School curriculum should remove sports and let the students develop their physical potentials by interests.


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