Nowadays, students find it hard to study at universities compared to school studies. Why is this happening? What are the solutions to this problem?


Universities provide profound subjects in particular field to train people for their career. People are facing lots of hardships to complete their higher education and dropouts became common. There are several reasons for this trend which I intend to discuss in this essay in hope of suggesting appropriate measures to overcome this negative trend.

To begin with, there are a number of issues making today’s student’s university education tough. Most importantly, more new courses are introduced into higher studies. Though, youngsters are attracted towards these new courses, the limited seats became a hurdle for them. The very tough competition for seats leaves them in physical and mental agony. Another point is the high cost of education. Younger generation try to meet the educational expenses through educational loans and part time jobs. The hard jobs, heavy curriculum and lack of time management flattened them under pressure. Sometimes they feel, the degree holders remain unemployed and it is better to continue part time jobs as full time jobs and they leave their education. The assignments and projects are sometimes hard to finish on time. All these problems make the student’s university study harder than their school days.



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