Nowadays,children have too much freedom. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Between then and now, children have been given much freedom, so today’s younger people do not pay enough attention to the older people’s advice. It was then when the younger people were taught to be respectful of elders; and it is now when the younger generation appears to be exceedingly intelligent and impatient of restraint, increasingly ignoring the experience of the older generation. On balance, the two generations are making mistakes of different sorts in defining intelligence versus experience.

On the one hand, the error of youth is to believe that intelligence is a substitute for experience. Gradually, in an environment of freedom, they tend to turn a deaf ear to what their parents have to say about experience in life. For one thing, young people arc better educated, but much of education is ineffective in teaching disciplines that would inspire youth to respect age. As a result, the images of parents, partly as teachers and partly as preachers that used to be at home, are behind the times. Instead, coming into fashion is the “know-all” adviser 24/7-the Internet. Naturally, most working parents being busy most of the time, it is common among children to seek advice by Googling or exchange advice with peers by checking Facebook.

On the other hand, the error of age is to believe that experience is a substitute for intelligence. It can been seen that sometimes parents unwisely try to give children undesirable pieces of advice like gift flowers, rather than teaching them to grow plants of experience on their ow n and in freedom. In fact, these days parents seldom give strict orders to children, knowing only too well that the declining parental authority is no match for children’s rising freedom. A this point, hardly can parents force children to listen seriously to advice as if it were experience under disguise. So much so, when children’s freedom prevails, it implies that kissing parents are many and scolding parents are few.

Now that the younger people have so much freedom that it is as easy for them to mistake intelligence for experience, as the older people mistake experience for intelligence. That is why the younger generation does not face the music by denying to pay attention to the older people’s “authoritative” advice. After all. judging from the way how modern parents obey their children, there should be no mistake about who are the commanders-in-chief?


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