Should we teach public speaking to our children in schools? Is it so important to start that early? Justify the need to start this so early and what are the consequences of inefficient public speaking and how does starting early would help overcoming these issues.


It seems that every one of us has presentations to give at a certain point of time in life no matter you like it or not. But inefficient public speaking can often lead to negative consequences such as low confidence, poor communication skills and even unsuccessful career. Therefore, it only seems logical that we improve public speaking as early as possible and the most effective stage in life to do this is in one’s early childhood.

There are innumerable benefits to helping your children learn the art of public speaking early on in life. First of all, children have minds like sponges, and have a much easier time learning new things than adults do. They are also un-jaded try life and its failures and challenges, so their skins are a bit thicker than ours are Additionally, by starting early in childhood, your child will have the benefit of extensive practice, training and learning that most adults would envy.

Children also have the benefit of not knowing that public speaking is probably the single-most greatest fear in the world. And if we can get the children to accept their speech and presentation skills early on, they’ll never have to experience this fear for themselves. Perhaps in a decade or two, the overwhelming fear of public speaking will be, if not eradicated, lessened in its impact.

In conclusion, it is very important to teach children the art of public speaking early on in today’s world. This would help them in their future endeavors and also aid them in developing leadership qualities.


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