Lectures in the past were used as a way of teaching large number of students. But nowadays the development of technology, we do not need to use lectures as an education method. Do you agree with it?


Lecture, as one of the oldest and the dominant teaching methods in universities, has been questioned its necessity recently as our modem technology enables students to watch online lectures through the Internet.

Lectures convey knowledge to a large number of students inefficiently and lack of interaction. According to a science study, young people stay absolute focus on one subject for 15 minutes on average. Supposedly none of the students are engaged in activities other than the lecture, it is still challenging for them to process all the information presented during a one-hour lecture unless the lecturers keep repeating the main points. Moreover, a large lecture hall usually sits more than one hundred students who are difficult to get undivided attention from lecturer individually. Most instructors give one-way speech in the whole lecture since interactions with students are limited by various reasons commonly as students are hard to be heard by everyone while passing microphones is another effort.

Alternatively, the new technology provides us with a better and feasible choice. Online lectures allow students to pause when they need a break, to repeat where they do not understand and to avoid conflicting schedule. For instance, TED is a very popular online interactive lecturing system with many famous figures. Via TED, students are able to read full transcripts and to watch multimedia lectures. For the instructor’s benefits, they can post the customized lecturing video, conducted by a professional team so that they have more time to focus on their research. Above all, it is an all-free access to every student if you have an Internet connection, regardless of the place you locate in.

I believe that a well structured, well presented and vivid lecture can be one of the most efficient teaching methodologies. Nevertheless, with the rapid development of online lectures, it can achieve the same goal with less effort. Maybe one day in the future, the traditional lecture will ultimately be replaced.


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