Part-1 消息 Message


雅思口语 IELTS Speaking Topic: Part-1 消息 Message


Do you usually make phone calls or send text messages?

Well, that really depends on what I’m trying to do. If I have something that’s urgent or complicated, I’ll use phone calls. I can explain more in a shorter time than with a text message. I use text message for less-complicated forms of communication.


Which do you prefer if there’s something important?

Well, I’ll call someone if there’s something very important and urgent. It’s fast and we can communicate immediately. If there’s something important and complicated, I’d also choose e-mail coz I have more space and I can include more in the e-mail than I can with a text message. It’s also something that is easier to print out and keep in files.


When will you prefer messages?

I use text messages for shorter, less important communication, like telling a friend what time I’ll be at a restaurant or letting my spouse know I will be late coming home from work. They’re much simpler to send directly from my cell phone.


Do you think text messages can convey the information well?

Well, for shorter, less-complicated messages, such as asking a friend when he or she will be at the place we suppose to meet or telling someone where I am, text messages can convey the information well. Besides, text messages usually have a lot of abbreviations, like the letter “u” for the word “you”, or the letter “r” for the word “are”, which can help us convey the information faster.


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