Part-1 帮助他人 Help Others


雅思口语 IELTS Speaking Topic: Part-1 帮助他人 Help Others


When was the last time you helped others?

Yesterday, I helped a stranger to find the right way to the place she wanted to go. I was out for lunch with my friends yesterday, and when we were on our way to the restaurant, a woman stopped me but she seemed like in a rush. I comforted her by asking why, and she said she needs to find the train station as her train was about to leave in 40 minutes. I pointed the right way to her and said ‘Don’t worry,’ it’s only a 10 minutes bus ride away’- She thanked me and then jumped into a bus. To be honest, I felt very joyful by doing this. It always feels nice to help others.


Do you like to help strangers?

Yes, I do. Helping others is a way to express love and caring. I just helped a stranger to find her way yesterday! She was in a hurry to go to the train station but she couldn’t find her way. So I showed the right way for her and I even wanted to lead her to the train station. At the time when she thanked me. I felt so happy that I couldn’t help that I just love the feeling of helping others.


Did your parents teach you the importance of helping others when you were young?

Yes, they did. My parents always tell me that we need to help each other. The good night bedside stories in China emphasize a lot on helping others and tolerance.


Have you ever refused to help others?

I may have the thoughts but I’ve never refused to help others. Like for one time, my best friend asked me to help her in the final exam, and by help, she meant cheating during the exam. She asked me to show her the answer sheet. I didn’t want to break our relationship as I knew she might never speak to me if I did not. However, I still said no to her as I didn’t want to make myself feel guilty.


Would you keep helping people in the future?

I think I would. After all, helping others is still a decent behavior. Although we have a lot of heartbroken events that may hold me back, I still think that the essence of helping people is the process not the consequence. Besides, I may also have difficult times that need others to give me a hand.


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