Part-1 巴士的士 Bus Taxi

雅思口语 IELTS Speaking Topic: Part-1 巴士的士 Bus or Taxi


How often do you take the bus?

I take the bus to work everyday, twice a day, round trip. I have got a commuter ticket for it, it’s very economical.


When was the first time you took a taxi?

It’s been a long long time. I can’t recall it. But I do remember the last time I took a taxi. It was this morning, I came here by taxi because I was afraid of losing way.


What are the advantages of taking a taxi compared with buses?

It’s easier to take a taxi, you don’t need to go to somewhere to wait for it, you can just wave your hands to stop one on the road. Moreover,it’s much more convenient for people who have no sense of direction, they don’t need to worry about losing way since the taxi driver will take
them to where they want to go.


Is it convenient to take the bus/taxi in your city?

Yeah, both are convenient. The bus system in Xiamen, where I live in now, is quite sound. From 6am to 1 lpm, you can take the bus to
wherever inside the city easily. Taxi is even more convenient, you need to wait the bus in the bus stops, but you can just wave your hand to stop a taxi on the road when you need it. Despite the rush hour, it’s easy and time-saving to take the bus and taxi in Xiamen.


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