Part-1 巧克力 Chocolate

雅思口语 IELTS Speaking Topic: Part-1 巧克力 Chocolate

Do you like chocolate?

Yes, I do. I like both blocks of plain chocolate as well as chocolate bars, such as Mars bars.

Do you often eat chocolate?

I usually eat chocolate twice or three times a week. Chocolate is very sweet and I’m a little bit addicted to it, however, I need to keep my fit.

B)Chocolate is really yummy! I eat one chocolate bar every two days. I also know that eating chocolate regularly can even improve health and lower the risk of heart disease.

Is chocolate popular in your country?

Yes, it’s extremely popular, almost everyone eats chocolate. It’s probably the most common snack for children and adults, and certainly much more popular than fruit.

What’s your favorite flavor?

My favorite flavor is white chocolate, which is very sweet. When i eat white chocolate, I always have a sense of happiness. I wish that I could sleep on a bed made of white chocolate.

B)I prefer milk chocolate – perhaps with sultanas and nuts. Dark chocolate is a bit bitter for me, although I think it’s supposed to be better for your health-wise. I like dark chocolate flavoured with orange.

Is chocolate popular in China?

Chinese people eat far less chocolate than Europeans, for example, but it is rapidly becoming more popular. In the last ten years, foreign chocolate has really caught on and these days it’s widely available. Many people would prefer to pay more for better quality chocolate.

Is chocolate expensive in China?

Chocolate has become much more popular in China in recent years. You can buy locally-made chocolate, which is cheaper, but if you buy international brands it’s quite expensive.

When was the first time you eat chocolate?

I remember the first time I ate chocolate is about 5 or 6 years old. My mom bought it as my birthday gift, and I was conquered by chocolate! I thought it was the tastiest dessert in the world.

B)I can’t remember when my chocolate obsession began, although my mum is a big chocolate fan, so I imagine she introduced me to chocolate at an early age! Animalshaped chocolate biscuits used to be my favourite choice as a child.

Did you eat chocolate when you were a child?

Yes, I did but I didn’t eat it as often as I do now as an adult. My parents were careful to ration the chocolate to twice a week only.

Is chocolate expensive in your country?

The prices chocolate vary in my country. Some of them are very expensive that can be sold at the price of 300 or 400 CNY, and some might be very cheap, only 10 or 20 CNY.

Are there any occasions when people give chocolate as a present?

Yes, there are a number of times in the year when that might happen. Some people give chocolates to each other on Valentine’s Day, while other’s give it at birthdays. Easter is also a common date to give a chocolate egg as a gift.

Do you think it is healthy to eat chocolate?

Not really. I’ve heard that if the chocolate is plain, without added milk or sugar, it is fine to eat a small amount each day but it’s certainly unhealthy to eat the quantities and types of chocolate that most people eat today.

Is chocolate popular in your country?

Yes, chocolate is very popular in my country, especially on Valentine’s Day. The couples often buy chocolate as gifts for each other. And chocolate is also one of the indispensable desserts on the table for most of girls.


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