Part-1 手表 Watch

IELTS Speaking Topic: Part-1 手表 Watches

Do you wear a watch?

No, I don’t. I used to, but not anymore. Now I just use my phone to check the time.

B) Yeah, I do. I’ve always worn a watch, and I think it’s the best way to keep track of the time. I mean, it just saves you always having to get your phone out to see the time, and if my phone’s run out of power, then having a watch is especially handy!

Keep track of the time –keep fully aware of the time
Run out of power – 没电了
handy – useful

Do you still wear a watch?

I actually don’t wear a watch these days, um, and that’s usually because i have my phone and my phone tells me what time.

B)Literally,it has become my daily routine, I wear it every morning. Well, I know the smart phone can completely replace it, but I have got quite used to it to watch time. In most cases, I put my phone aside,so watch is more convenient for me.

C)To be honest, I never wear a watch since I can remember. You know, we can check time on cellphone, so there is no need to wear a watch. What’s more, I can see time anyplace in my life, like school, dinning hall, restaurant, supermarket and my home.

What was your first watch like?

Um… Jeez, let me have a think, what was my first watch like? That’s going back a long time! If I remember correctly, it was a Swatch, I think that was the brand, like an indestructible Swiss watch geared towards children, and um it was nothing special, you know, no bells and whistles, just a simple clock face with an hour and minute hand.

B)Wow, speaking of my first watch of my life, I want to say that it was a digital watch send by my mom as a birthday gift. I think it was elegant with a white and round face, which was perfectly suitable for my clothes.

That’s going back a long time – it was a long time ago
indestructible – impossible to break 不能破坏的
geared towards – targeted towards
bells and whistles – unnecessary/unimportant additional functions
minute hand – 分针

What kinds of watches do you like to wear?

Well, like most of girls of my age, elegant watches will attract us more. In my eyes, watch is not only a tool, also an accessory to my outfits. So If I see a fair watch, I will have more impulse to buy it.

Would you use mirrors to decorate rooms?

There are several different types of mirrors being made these days, and some are quite artistic. I have seen ones that are decorated with shells, as well as other types of decoration. This means that mirrors can be used as a wall decoration, rather than just something to look at our reflection, and I would use them in my house.

Do people still wear watches in your country?

Actually,very few of us wear a watch. With the popularisation of smart phones,most of Chinese prefer phones rather than watch. However, a small percentage of people still wear it, such as business man or office workers, they think it is more formal which can show their social status and manner.

Have you received a watch as a gift before?

  • If yes:
    Yeah, I have! Several times actually, normally as a birthday present, and they’ve all been really nice. So I guess I’m pretty lucky!
  • If no:
    No, not that I can remember. Maybe it’s because my parents think I might lose it if they got me one. Who knows?!

What kind of watches do you like to wear?

I suppose basically just watches which look nice, cos I mean, no one wants to wear something that they don’t think looks good on them, do they!
So for me, I think the nicest looking watches are analog ones. You know, I think they generally look a bit classier than digital watches. And personally, I like metal straps, as I think they’re easier to put on and take off. You know, I have had leather straps before and I found them a bit fiddly to use. But that’s just me!

Analog watch - watches that tell the time by means of hands, rather than digital means
Digital watch - 数码手表
Metal strap - 金属带
Leather strap - 皮带
Classy - stylish and sophisticated, 高雅
Fiddly - awkward to use, 有点麻烦、烦琐用

Why do you think some people like to wear expensive watches?

I dunno. Maybe it’s to impress people, cos it’s a kind of reflection of your wealth and success. So that’s a possible reason, and another one may simply be that wearing a nice watch makes them feel good and gives them confidence.

Impress people – make people feel admiration and respect



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