Part-1 游戏 Video Games

IELTS Speaking Topic: Part-1 游戏 Video Games

Do you play video games?

No, I really do not like playing video games, I find them annoying.

What games are popular in your country?

Badminton and football are ones of the popular games in my country. Tourists can see people usually play badminton in the park and play football in the yard any time.

What kinds of video games do you like to play?

I do not play, but the only game I have tried and liked is Mario Bros, that is quite fun.

Do you play any games?

I can play many kinds of games such as chess and badminton. When I was young, my father taught me to play them. Playing badminton can help me enhance my health and chess can improve my memory.

How do people learn to play games in your country?

It depends to the purpose people play games. If it’s just for entertainment, people can learn from friends or from the internet. Some people want to become a good player for competing, they can learn from teachers at schools or centers.

Do you think it’s important for people to play games?

Playing games is essential for people at any time for 3 main reasons. Firstly, people play games to relax and get rid of stress. Secondly, games can improve memory and health. Last but not least, games can connect people and people together. People can make friends or even create many relationships while playing games.

Is it good for young people to play video games?

I do not think it is good for young people to play video games as much as they do. Anything in moderation is fine, but some of my friends are completely addicted to playing, and play for hours and hours. This is not good for their eyesight, and they do not move around enough. I still believe young people should play outside, and do sports


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