Part-1 镜子 Mirror

IELTS Speaking topic: 镜子 Mirrors

Do you like using mirror?

Yeah. I guess I am a little narcissistic in this respect.

How often do you use mirror?

Pretty much every day! I use the one in my bathroom to help me groom and put on my make-up every morning. And sometimes, I carry a small one with me when I go out.

B) I have a mirror in my bathroom, and I look at myself while I am brushing my teeth. I then have another mirror at my makeup stand, and I look at it while putting on makeup. After that I do not really use it during the day.

Is mirror a necessary decoration?

I wouldn’t say it’s necessary. It is more like a tool than a decoration as I see it. But rooms with mirrors will definitely look more bright and spacious.

Have you ever bought mirrors?

Yes, when we were redecorating our bathroom, my mother asked me to come with her to choose a new mirror.

Have you bought mirror yourself?

Definitely. I can still remember the time when we moved into a new flat. I picked a delicate cheval mirror and put it in my bedroom. It really suits my room I have to say.


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