Part-1 工作 Work

IELTS Speaking topic: 工作 Work 

Do you work or study?

I graduated a few years ago and I’m now in full-time employment.

What is your job?

I’m currently an English teacher working for the British Council in Ho Chi Minh City.

Why did you choose that job?

I was previously a lawyer and found it to be really stressful and never had any free time, so after quitting that job I thought to teach might be the complete opposite of being a lawyer, you know not as stressful and more time off.

Are there lots of English teachers in Ho Chi Minh City?

Oh yes! There is a such a big demand for English as a second language here and it’s also quite a cheap place to live compared to many other big cities in Asia.

Do you enjoy your job?

Most of the time. It’s very rewarding to be able to help people every day and the students here are very hardworking and fun to teach, but you sometimes have lessons that do go so well and the money could always be better.

Do you get on well with your co-workers?

Yes, fine. I don’t really see work as part of my social life, so I don’t socialize with them, so I suppose I could be more friendly, but it’s just my nature to be a bit colder with colleagues. I think it’s more professional to be that way.

What was your first day at work like?

There were lots of teachers starting at the same time as me, 10 I think, so we all had a big induction day. The more senior teachers ran workshops with us to familiarize us with the different systems they had and then we went for a team dinner in the evening.

What responsibilities do you have at work?

All of the teacher’s main responsibility is to plan good lessons and then teach them to the best of our ability. On top of that, we have several admins. tasks to carry out like mark homework, fill out attendance sheets and write reports.

How did you get this job?

Well, I am done my Bachelors in technology in Information Technology. So, during the last year, lot of companies came in for campus recruitment and I got selected at Infosys.

Would you like to change your job in the future?

Yes, as I said before, I like working by myself, so I would like to be my own boss. I’m currently developing my own website, so if it’s successful I will leave teaching and work on it full time. This will also give me more time to work on other projects.

What is your typical day like in work?

I normally have 2 or 3 classes in the evening and I start the day by doing all the planning at home. This normally takes between an hour or two depending on the lessons. I then take the rest of the day to spend with my family, before going to work around 3 to print off my materials and then I teach all evening.

What would you change about your job?

As with most English teachers, we have to teach what is on the curriculum and this can mean that you are teaching some things that are quite boring or not very useful for your students, so I would like to have more freedom to teach outside the syllabus.

Do you have to work with other people?

Oh yes, all the time. It’s a big office and we all have to work as a team if we want to achieve results. I have colleagues I need to liaise with such as the graphic designers and I also have administration staff who work under me. And of course I also have to work alongside the companies that we provide marketing for. So yes, I definitely have to work with other people.

What do you dislike about your work?

The only think that I really don’t like about being a software engineer is that apart from being a great job, it is not something very close to my heart. At hear, I am a writer, traveller and a reader. And I would definitely would want to do something near to it.

Do you think you will change jobs in the future?

Well, that’s not something I’m thinking about at the moment as I really enjoy what I do and it’s a really good company to work for. The pay is good and they have other good benefits such as flexi-time and end of year bonuses. But that said, change is always a good thing, so I can’t see me being there forever. I’m sure I will change one day.


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