Part-1 历史 History

IELTS Speaking topic: 历史 History

Do you like ( to learn about) history?

Yes, I like to learn about history. When I was a student, I enjoyed studying history. I like learning about things that had happened in the past and discovering why certain events happened. I also like visiting museums and historical places. I think they are quite interesting and informative. So I like history.

Do you think history is important?

Yes, I strongly believe history is important. History is a record of events that had happened in our past. By studying history, we can learn the lesson of our past and prevent ourselves from making the same mistakes. So I think history is quite important.

Do you think you can really learn history from films or TV programs?

No, I don’t think so. It is true that by watching some history films or TV documentaries we can learn some things about history that we might not have known before. However, most information presented by films or TV shows are, at best, simplistic in content and, at worst, full of errors and misrepresentation. So even thought it might be visually entertaining to learn history through visual media, I don’t think it is the best way to learn history.

Do you think the internet is a good place to learn about history?

Well… Not all sources and websites are of the same quality. Even though there are a lot of historical information online, it is important to remember that just as there are educational websites run by professionals and experts, there are also websites full of false and misleading data. So, as long as one is cautious and verify the validity of the source, the internet can be a good place to learn about history.

Do young people feel that history is very important?

Probably not, no, because I think a lot of young people nowadays don’t really feel that history has a direct impact on their own lives, which I guess is reflected in the fact that not many students choose History as their major at university, at least compared to other subjects like Accounting or Finance for example. So I think this is a good indicator that many young people don’t see history as being that important to them.

What is the value of learning about history?

Well I’d say there’s a lot of value in learning it, and one of the main reasons would be that history quite often repeats itself, so if we’ve learnt history well, we should be able to avoid making the same mistakes as we did in the past. And as well as this, I guess another important aspect is that history plays a big part in helping us understand how things came to being. So for example, through learning history, we get to understand things like why we speak the language we do, and how our country developed the way it did. And in a way, I think this kind of makes us better appreciate everything we have around us, instead of just taking it for granted.