Part-1 玩具 Toy

IELTS Speaking topic: 玩具 Toy

Did you have many toys when you were a child ?

Sure. When I was a kid,I was quite curious about new stuff.So my parents bought me various toys to make me have fun.

Did you like to play with them ?

Of course.I had building blocks,model airplanes,lego bricks,water gun and magic cubes.Most of them are still kept in my toy box.

Who would usually buy toys for you ?

Just as I mentioned,my parents bought lots of toys to me. They usually bought them on festivals like Children’s Day,New Year’s Day and of course on my birthday.

Did you like to share your toys with others ?

Sure,I think toys are meant to play together with your friends.I had lots of friends when I was a kid. We shared our toys and play together. My favorite toy was the lego bricks.We often used the interlocking bricks to make buildings,vehicles and even robots.


Do you like toys?
Are toys very important to you?
What sorts of people like toys?
What sorts of toys did you like when you were a kid? (Why did you like it/them?)
Did your parents give it to you?
Do you still have any of your old toys?
Can you suggest why some people like to keep a childhood toy?
What kind of toys do children like today?
9. If you had a child, what toy would you buy him or her?
10. Do you think toys should be passed on to other kids when these toys are no long wanted?