Part-1 包包 Bags

IELTS Speaking topic: 包包 Bags

Do you like bags?

Yes, I love handbags. I have a few – almost like a collection. I have lots of stuff to carry around, and you probably know that women’s/girls’ clothing normally doesn’t have many pockets. But also, a handbag is a fashion accessory. They’re like a part of your outfit, even if the cost of some of the high-end ones is ridiculous.”

B)No, not particularly. For me a bag is just a useful way to carry things.

What types of bags do you like?

Well, I have one handbag, which I use for work. It’s quite good quality and looks fairly smart, although it’s not a particularly fashionable brand. I also have two rucksacks.One is a small daypack and the other one is a big backpack which I use when I go on longer trips.

What do you use bags for?

Like I said before, bags aren’t really that important to me. When I go to the supermarket or buy something in a shop, of course, I use a bag to bring it home. But even then, if I can carry it easily, I won’t use a bag because it’s a waste. Also, if I bring my laptop with me I carry it in its bag.

B)As I said, I always have my handbag with me, but apart from that I use other bags. Sometimes, I go hiking with my friends in a national park, and then I wear a hiking pack that’s kind of like a bigger version of the bag I wore at school. I guess candy comes in bags too.

Do you usually carry a bad when you go out?

It depends where I’m going. If I’m going to work, I take my handbag so that I have somewhere to put my keys and wallet. If I’m going to the pool, I usually take my smaller rucksack to carry my swimming kit and towel.

What do you put in these bags?

Well, as I said, in my handbag I have my keys and my wallet. I also usually have a packet of tissues, some chewing gum and perhaps a hairbrush. When I go the pool, I have my swimming costume, my swimming hat, my goggles and a towel. I also take some shampoo and shower gel when I remember.

What sorts of bags do women like to buy?

I think many women like to have a number of handbags to accessorise their clothes. Rather than just having a black handbag like me, they have bags in various colours which match their shoes and go with different outfits. Me, I’m flat out finding two socks which match.

When you are buying a bag, what factors do you consider?

For me, the usefulness ranks the top, and the price should be reasonable. and I wish it would have many layers and small bags inside of it, because it would be helpful to categorise my stuff, like books, assignments or pens.

How do you make your choice when you are buying a bag?

I would compare its usefulness and quality to other bags, and then check whether the price is affordable for me

Do you think the style of a bag is very important? (Why?/Why not?)

As for me that wouldn’t be a problem as long as it is not too ostentatious, because I am introverted, and don’t want to flaunt myself, just want to be humble and modest. Thus I care more about its utility rather than the style.

Do you have a bag for special occasions?

I’m afraid not… because I am a person who appreciate the familiar stuff and kind of resist to attempt for the new. So I carry the same bag no matter what occasion it might be.