Part-1 电影 Films

IELTS Speaking topic: 电影 Films
  • 1. Do you like films?
    Yes, I enjoy watching films. When I want to relax, or have some fun, I like to watch movie.
  • 2. What kind of films do you like best?
    My favorite kinds of films are action films, with exciting stories and lots of special effects.
    Most romantic comedies, but I like some of the ones that keep you thinking all the way through too, like A Beautiful Mind, The Fifth Element and the Sixth Sense
  • 3. How often do you watch films?If there is an interesting movie playing at the cinema, I’ll go to see it. It’s nice to go out to see a movie with my friends sometimes, and get to see it on a big screen.
  • 4. Do you like to watch films alone or with your friends?I’d rather watch films with my friends. We always have a good time together, and afterwards we talk about the mover, whether we enjoyed it or not.
  • 5. Do you prefer to watch films in the cinema or at home?* I prefer to watch films at home, because the I can choose any movie I want to watch and I can pause it if I need to go get something.
    * I prefer to watch movies at the cinema, because then I get to see the movie on a big screen, with a better sound system. I think it makes the movie more impressive, you know.
  • 6. How often do you go to the cinema?
    Unfortunately we don’t have a cinema near us so we have to go into the nearest town to catch the latest movie … I usually avoid seeing popular box-office hits which I’m not always keen on seeing … I prefer low-budget films … sci-fi especially … and there’s a great cinema I go to that has frequent showings of films like these …
  • Do you like watching films?
  • What kinds of films do you enjoy?
  • Do you prefer watching films at home or at the cinema?
  • Do people go to the cinema or the theatre in your home town?
  • How often do you watch films / go the cinema?
  • When was the last time you went to the cinema or the theatre? What did you see?
  • When you were a child what kind of movies did you like to watch?
  • Would you like to be in a film / play? Why / why not?