Part-1 邻居 Neighbours

IELTS Speaking topic: 邻居 Neighbours/Neighbourhood

How much do you know your neighbourhood?

To be honest,my neighbours and I only have a nodding acquaintance We don’t really communicate that often because there are not many common activities to do together in my neighbourhood.

Do you think neighbours should help each other?

Absolutely, neighbours are the people who live just next door to you.If you have any kind of emergency,they are the people that actually will jump up and give a hand to you. In this regard,neighbours should help each other.

Do you see your neighbours often?

Not really. My neighbours are all busy businessmen.I don’t see them too often.I probably only see them twice a week in the corridor.

Do you get along with your neighbours?

Yes, I really respect my neighbours. There are not any problems between us. In China,we have an old saying that goes like this,”a far-off relative is not as helpful as a near neighbour”. From that old proverb you can see people really respect their neighbours in Chinese culture.

What would be the problem between you and your neighbours?

There is not really a problem between my neighbours and me. If I had to mention one,I would say it would be the amount of noise I hear from them. One of my neighbours always likes to play music really loud.Sometimes, it can be disturbing. Apart from that,everything else is fin.


Do you like your neighbours?
Are neighbours usually close to each other in your country?
What is your neighbourhood like?
Do you think your neighbourhood is a good place for children?
How could your neighbourhood be improved?
Are there many people living near you?
Do you know all your neighbours?
How often do you see your neighbour?
When do you meet your neighbours?
How often do you talk to your neighbours?
Do you think it’s important to know your neighbours?
How well do you know your neighbours?
Do you think it’s important for a person to have a good relationship with their neighbours?
What do you think of your neighbours?
What kind of people are your neighbours?
How do you get along well with your neighbours?
What are the benefits of having good relationships with one’s neighbours?
What sorts of problems can people have with their neighbours?
In what ways can neighbours help each other?
Have you ever asked a neighbour for help?
What you prefer to have young people as your neighbours, or old people?