Part-2 可爱孩子 Kid Made you Laugh


IELTS Speaking Part 2-268: IELTS Cue Card with Model Answer.

Describe a time that a child did something that made you laugh.


You should say:

  • When this happened
  • Who the child was
  • What the child

And explain why it was funny.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

你有2分钟时间回答PART 2,在回答之前,你有1分钟的准备时间,准备时你可以写笔记。

Model Answer 1:

Ok right then, well the time I’m going to talk to you about was when my son, who’s only, like, two and a half years’ old, said something that really made me laugh. And not just me, but everyone around me at the time, cos it was absolutely hilarious, as I’ll explain in a moment.

Anyway, as for when it happened, um… well I suppose it was, like, two or three weeks ago, so it was pretty recently. And basically what he did was say, in Chinese, “唉呀妈呀!“ which kind of translates in English as “Oh my god!” or something along those lines. And um, as I said, everyone around who heard it just burst out laughing, because none of us expected him to say that, you know, it was completely out of the blue!

I mean, it’s not something you would expect a child of that age to say, so it was a complete surprise for us to hear him say that. I guess he must have just heard us saying it at some stage and picked it up. And, what also made it so funny was the fact that he said it exactly the same way an adult would, you know, with the feeling and intonation and everything! So it was incredibly funny, and even he laughed after seeing our reaction!

Um…, what else is there is to say? Uh… that’s pretty much it I guess. But you know, I just find it amazing how well he picks up on the things we say, especially when it seems that he’s not even paying attention, but he’s actually taking everything in. So yeah, I think it just goes to show that children are a lot more intelligent than they look!